Q:   What is the recommended age? A:   You can use your SweetSeat as early as 18 months until around 7 years of age. Your child must be able to sit well on his or her own and have outgrown the need to be strapped down without falling over. The SweetSeat is perfectly designed for the stage where your child is too big or too old for the high chair but is still too small to sit in a "regular" chair at the table. Warning: Never leave your young child alone in the seat! Q:   Is it just a booster seat? What else can I use it for? A: The SweetSeat is designed as a booster seat, BUT it is also so much more. First of all, it is easily portable! Throw it in your trunk and go out to eat at a restaurant (eliminating the need for those sticky and germ infested boosters they offer you), over to Grandma's, a picnic in the park, a friends house for dinner, etc. Your child will always be able to sit at the "big people" table wherever they go!  Also, the SweetSeat makes a fun and playful companion. Girls like to have tea parties on it, boys like to hide behind it while catapulting stones at each other, and moms like to admire it! This is one of those children's things you won't want to put away when company comes over! Q:   How do I clean it? A: Easy! Wipe with a damp sponge. Seriously! Q:   I don't see any straps on it. Is it stable? A: Yes! It's as stable as your chair is. The base is very sturdy and highly unlikely to tip. Q:   Do we take custom orders? A: Not at this point. However, we'd LOVE your feedback!  If there is a pattern or color you'd like to have but don't see it available on our website, please contact us and we'd love to see about carrying it. Our fabrics are subject to change and we're always interested in adding in new lines. Q:   Do you wholesale? A: Yes!  Contact us at info@sweet-seat.com for more information.  We'd be happy to work with you!