This handcrafted bib screams style and practical function all at once.  Sewn with laminated cotton on the front and backed with a soft and absorbent terry cloth, the Sweet 'n Clean bib is sure to become a favorite.  The adjustable strap is 100% cotton with colored clips on the ends.  What sets this bib apart?  Easily pop off one clip and you have a pacifier clip in your hand!  When the bib is ready to be washed, remove the strap and throw it in your regular laundry. subdomains .  The clips can also be used on any 'ol wash cloth or restaurant napkin!  Get creative...use whatever you have on hand when your Sweet 'n Clean is being washed. Care:  Remove strap from bib and machine or hand wash in cool water.  Air dry.  Strap is also machine washable, though we recommend hand washing.  Air dry. 9" x w 8"  strap is adjustable

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