"I love it!  Everyone loves it!  I couldn't get the children out of it!"  (Elizabeth P, San Antonio, TX) "We used our SweetSeat today and I am in love! I have to admit, I was afraid Lola wouldn't use it. At restaurants, she refuses to sit in highchairs and when we try to use restaurant booster seats I have to hold her because they are flimsy and I'm afraid she'll fall out. She usually ends up on my lap digging in my plate. Well, today she sat in her SweetSeat for the entire meal and was still sitting happily when it was over. The SweetSeat is sturdy and didn't move even with my squirming toddler on it! We love it! Thanks so much."  (Kyndal F, Gulf Coast, TX) "My SweetSeat just arrived this afternoon. My little one loves it and so do I! Such an awesome product and even more precious than I imagined! Thanks so much!" (Christa H., AL) "This is the best booster I've ever seen. If only I had this when my kids were young." (Round Top, TX) "We are ordering one for my best friend's son who just turned 2 and then will order our twins one maybe for Christmas (they each have one already but my mom bought them and they are at our family farm in Brenham, TX, so we think we need 2 for our house too). Love them, you do a great job! They are definitely worth the money..." (Kelly, MA) "I picked up the sweet seat yesterday at the post office. It is lovely! We could not be happier. Thank you so much for making something practical and beautiful. I sat in a similar booster when was little and am so pleased to have one for my little girl."  (Mckenzie, Salem, OR) "I love my SweetSeat! It's so easy to clean and I can take it anywhere with me. My 3 year old daughter loves that it's 'her' seat." (Round Top, TX) "Every Grandma needs a SweetSeat." (Round Top, TX) "SweetSeats make great gifts! I bought two for my sister who is expecting twins. She loved that they were handcrafted, affordable, AND stylish!." (Round Top, TX)